Saturday, 28 December 2013

3 Ways to Survive the Festive Season.

So it's that time of year again: lots of presents that you have yet to put away, since your house was pretty full anyway; lots of food still in the cupboards that you know should be eaten but already your waistband is feeling a bit tight; and lots of relatives still to see before you get back to reality after the New Year (if you're lucky enough to still be off work/ university, that is...).

We had a lovely Christmas this year, despite this being the first year that Santa received no refreshment at our house. I think this was harder for my mum to deal with than my twelve-year-old sister. I was spoilt rotten and think I've gained the best part of four stone over the past three days alone. However, now that the excitement of Christmas morning is over it can sometimes feel impossible to last all the way through to New Year's Day. But with these three rules, the rest of December will be a breeze!

1. Families are forever, not just for Christmas

Before you sigh, I know how you feel. "They won't leave me alone!", "They're cheating at Monopoly again!", "They won't let me have a turn of the remote!". I've heard them all between my sister and I at some point and it drives our mum mental. So when you think you're going to explode and you just can't take the drunken carols anymore, remember that you don't get to see your family all the time. It's a good time to catch up, be merry and most of all remember why you only get together once a year.

2. Be merry, not pukey.

There are six days between Christmas and New Year. These days are like standing at the edge of a big valley. The jump isn't too big, you're pretty sure that you can make it. You get a bit nervous but eventually go for it anyway. You teeter, totter on the edge and eventually hide yourself away, horrendously hung over from a solid week of 'wee drams'. Dehydration makes you shrivel up like a raisin, you seem to have a permanent icky taste in your mouth and it somehow went from Tuesday to Friday. So as easy as it is to just have one when everyone's about, be sure to have some breaks at least. Or at least stock up on the paracetamol...

3. Baby, it's cold outside!

Granted, not everyone lives quite as far north as me, and horrible weather may not be such an issue. But there's nothing worse than seeing in the New Year with a stuffy nose and bouncing head. Plus, it's the perfect excuse for wearing all those new jumpers, thick socks and wooly pyjamas that you got for Christmas. Keep warm and be ready for anything. This year our town was without mobile phone signal for a few days after Christmas which left loads of people in trouble, as well as all the cancelled cars, buses, trains and planes. So for the rest of the year, make like the scouts and snuggle up.