Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Run Diaries #1

In preparation for the Race for Life, my friend Becca and I have devised a training routine. We've been jogging 4km round Glasgow Green three times a week, and in an attempt to persuade you to sponsor me, I've decided to document how silly I look and the torture we are putting ourselves through.

I say torture, but we have a ball. We gossip and admire all the dogs walking their people.

But today, it snowed.

This picture alone should prove how desperate I am to be sponsored. I do not look good in trackies. It appears that I have a double chin. On top of that, I look like a chav. 

But we went about our usual routine, despite the snow in our faces and my cold calves. It wasn't until we got to the end of our route that the hailstones started, and let me tell you that brainfreeze is not what you want after a 4km jog. 

In a last bid to gain your sponsorship, I'm going for the sympathy vote. I'm now sitting in my nice warm, cosy flat, with a sore throat from all the cold air, jelly legs and a face like a beetroot. All of this is for Cancer Research UK, and if you're feeling generous here's the link to my online sponsor site:


I've reached 10% of my target £200 so far, so please keep the donations coming in!