Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Run Diaries #2

My friend Becca and I have been friends for a very long time. And when you're friends with someone for a long time, you realise just what makes them tick. You also know when it is the best time to duck for cover and pray to God that make it out alive.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I'm pretty certain that if I hadn't made it round to her house for our pre-jog cup of tea she would have torn her lovely boyfriend to shreds. Just before the final blow was struck, I pushed her out the door and made her jog round Glasgow Green with me. We ranted for a bit. She felt better. I still had the use of all my limbs and internal organs. 

So far, I've been sponsored £50, which is really, really great. It really makes a difference. I got my Race for Life pack in the post this morning and on one of the leaflets it explains just what all these sponsors are helping to achieve:

£10 will pay for scientists to examine 300 tumour samples under a microscope.

£50 will pay for 22 thermometers, which are really important for conducting certain experiments.

£94 pays for a woman to go through a clinical trial to improve the survival of breast cancer.

And £120 pays for training a nurse to help support patients over the phone, to give them someone to talk to.

I didn't know any of that before today, and that made me even happier at the £50 you guys have sponsored me so far!

So, here's the link to the JustGiving site, where you can donate online:

Or if that's too much of a faff, then just send me a message or leave a comment, as I have a sponsor sheet now! I'm excited.

Please dig deep, if you can. If every person who had a look at my last post donated just £1, it would double what I've already raised, so it really does help!