Thursday, 13 December 2012

An Unexpected Treat.

Today, like many people across the UK, I'd imagine, I went to go see "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". And like many people, I'd imagine, I was quite nervous about entering the theatre. 

Have a look at the trailer here!

The book is definitely one of my favourites, and with how many films turn out to be shoddy imitations, I knew that I didn't want my beloved Bilbo to fall into the ranks of Edward Cullen or Eragon...

I had my Monster Munch crisps. I had Galaxy chocolate. I had Cherry Tango. But even they couldn't ease the tension that built when the lights went down.

But I needn't have worried. From the very beginning, The Hobbit blew me away.

Acting? Brilliant.

Soundtrack? Superb.
Special effects? Amazing.

It scores ten out of ten on every level.

To be honest, I came out of the cinema and a part of me really wanted to go back in and watch the whole thing all over again. 

And I probably would have, if not for the crazy queue waiting for the next screening. I'm all for fan-girling over a movie, but dwarf beards, wizard hats, elf ears and hobbit feet are a bit far...

So tonight I can curl up with the last of the Christmas presents I need to wrap, maybe a small tipple, and relive what I'd be tempted to call the best film of the year, followed closely by Skyfall.

Have you seen The Hobbit yet? Was it your 2012 film highlight?