Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Goose is Getting Fat!

With two weeks until Christmas, I think I could be forgiven for getting all excited about getting the family together for a good old knees up. Hopefully the past few weeks of stressing, spending and stressing some more will be worth it.

But while I was on the magical internet, I found a story that made me grin a little. Normally seeing outrageous amounts of Christmas lights makes me shudder - just think about the wasted money and noxious gases filling the atmosphere... And when I say outrageous, I don't mean people who put up the occasional decoration, I'm talking about houses like this...

It's just not something I've ever understood. I didn't understand the appeal of smothering your house in what should be on your tree. But then I heard about the Richards Family all the way over in Canberra, Australia. Have a look at the story below:

The Richards Family

They set the World Record for the most Christmas lights on their house. I got halfway through this article and started sighing to myself "WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING?".

Here's the numbers: 331,038 lights; 97,211 feet of LED strings; 15,000 cable ties; and a 59-foot tree.

But I'm incredibly glad that I read on. It turns out that the aim of this family is not only to put "a smile on people's faces", but to raise money for a charity that's goal is to save the lives of babies by eliminating complications in birth and help families through the loss of losing a baby.

Needless to say that when I think about what I thought when I read about the Richards' at first, I feel like a noob. 

I reckon there are still probably a great deal of people who believe fairy lights across their roof will somehow make them better than their neighbours (there's always one). But maybe there are genuinely people out there who put up their lights to make other people happy?

Maybe I'll even put up a token string of lights this year?

Leave a comment. Are you a Christmas light enthusiast?