Tuesday, 23 April 2013

It's Like the Morning After.

So it occurred to me today that I made a promise a while back that I would keep you up to date on my writing endeavours and I completely haven't. In my "Game of Words" post, I told you that my next deadline for my novel-writing was the 14th of April, and that I was supposed to have my first three chapters written. Well good news!



But now I'm experiencing somewhat of a problem. Have you ever been on a really great night out? The banter has been fantastic, the drinks were flowing, the music playing wherever you are is brilliant, and all you keep saying is "We have to do this again, we have to do this again!". Well, do you remember the morning after this stupendous evening?

That is what this feels like.

Now that I've passed that deadline, I'm finding myself facing a string of others that should take me all the way up to New Year's and to be honest, it's a struggle to keep going. Every time I sit myself down at my desk I have to suppress the urge to click on the damned Facebook button, or the various games saved on here. 

This is problematic since I still have to write chapters four to six. 

I've even thought about going as far as reverting to pen and paper, but there is no way I can write that quickly. Not unless I somehow managed to learn how to write with both hands. Turning off the internet helps, but then no one else in my flat can use it either.

So I'm hoping that, in the same way that publishing my last deadline drove me on, so will this one.

My next deadline is the 14th of May. 14TH OF MAY. Write it on your calendar, badger me about it, check up on what I've actually written today. Anything, please!

I'd like to say here thank you for all the feedback, comments and messages I've gotten over the past couple of weeks. It's been so, so great to hear from people who have read my blog so far, I really love to hear what you think. So if there are any fellow writers out there who are experiencing this problem, then get in touch!